Thursday, January 21, 2010

Start a Tomato Sauce Freezer Pot

How many times have you thrown out a small bit of leftover tomato sauce? Or opened a can of tomato paste & the recipe only called for a couple of Tablespoons and you didn't' know what to do with the leftover paste in the can? Or had a tomato with a bad spot or just didn't use the entire tomato. Start a Tomato Pot with Tupperware or another sealed freezer container. I always use the plastic 1 lb yogurt or margarine tub containers. (Another great idea for recycling). Keep adding those bits & pieces of your leftover tomato savings. You could even add some leftover herbs, olive oil, ground meat, sausage, garlic, etc if you want. Keep the container in the freezer. No need to thaw or stir, just throw your leftovers on top. In just a short time you will have enough to thaw & simmer. Use in chili, in your soups or as a pasta sauce. While simmering doctor it up with seasonings, etc if you want. You might want to remove the skins from the fresh tomatoes before you add them or you can peel them very easily after they are frozen. (just run a little water on the frozen tomato & the peel with slip off with no effort). I keep two containers. In one I have just tomatoes & in the other I keep tomatoes with the spices & other leftovers.

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