Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How to make Reusable Napkins & Recycle Old Fabric

In our throw away society we throw out tons of paper napkins and paper towels each year. It is so easy to make your own re-usable cloth napkins & save money & our landfills. Making them from old used fabric is even better. You can shop at garage sales, thrift stores & consignment stores and look for clothing or other household items made from fabric in good condition that has a lot of large pieces of fabric like a full skirt or XL men's shirts, tablecloths, etc. Another suggestions would be fabric stores (buy it in the discount section). All you need is a 36" wide by 1 yard piece of fabric for 4 generous size napkins. A Serger would be great if you have one. You can always find
them used for a low price in the classified sections of newspapers, on Ebay, at Garage sales, etc. (Check back again for more ideas using the Serger & savings lots of $$). You could also use a regular sewing machine but you will have to fold the edges over about 1/4" but it will take a lot more time & work. Cut the fabric into four 18" x 18" squares (this is a generous size, you can always make them smaller if you need to). Using the roll seam on the serger simple serge all around the 4 edges. Takes about 2 minutes to complete the square. It is so simple you can make tons of them in no time at all. Simply throw them in the washer with your other items. Be sure you buy or use permanent press so you don't have to iron them.
By using nice "used" fabric these will only cost you pennies.

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