Monday, January 25, 2010

Make your own Body & Hand Lotions & Save Money

Save money by making your own lotions. Use items you might already have in your bathroom or buy from Dollar Stores/drug stores or discount stores. You can make a whole batch for less than you would pay for one bottle of store-bought. Empty containers of Two-15oz. bottles of baby lotion (scented or unscented), One 7.5 oz of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) and one 8oz. container of Vitamin E cream. Be sure to cut the bottles open & sqeeze out every last drop! Use a wire whip or an electric mixer & beat until smooth, light & fluffy. Takes 2-3 minues. Put lotion in pretty containers or jars. Add ribbon, dried flowers or raffia. Keep a few for yourself or hand out as gifts.

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