Thursday, January 28, 2010

Save & Recycle Used Candy & Mint Tins & Boxes

Save those used Candy Tins and Recycle them into Gift Card Containers or use for storing small items. The gift card holder is a useful and enjoyable handmade gift by itself and can be used for paper clips, safety pins & other small items.

Remove any stickers and clean & wash the used tins. Wipe with alcohol to remove any residue. Spray outside of tin using acrylic paints with several light coats. Turn upside down if you don't want to spray the inside too but you can paint it if you wish. Let dry. Paint your theme with acrylic paints. If you do not know how to paint flowers, etc, just paint simple items like stars, hearts, polka dots, stripes, etc. Or use a simple design like an American Flag, stick figure flowers, trees, etc. Let dry. You can add gold to the edges or paint the bottom a different color if you wish. Adding some glitter might be fun too!

Spray your painted box with a clear Acrylic or brush on varnish. Let dry. Apply severl light coats. Add your gift card and tie with a ribbon if you wish.

Tips: Use stencils if you feel you are not artistic. Be sure to spray light coats of paint so you do not get too much paint that might cause runs. Be sure paint is dry before moving to the next step. Have Fun!

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